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Exploring how architects in Birmingham think

An Architect’s Work

Architects are responsible for designing any kinds of building and infrastructures such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and houses. In doing this, architects undergo a careful process of planning. They draw a visual representation of the plan and sometimes, they create miniatures of their projects.

They also supervise in the construction of the projects to ensure that the plan is properly carried out.

Every detail that the architects include in the plan has a certain reason. Example, there is a reason why the living room is located in the north-east part of the house. It might be because of the direction of the sunlight. Architects use both design and architectural thinking.

The Design and Architectural Thinking

Design thinking is about the emotional perspective of the architects whilst architectural thinking represents logical perspective.

Solving problems is a holistic approach of architectural thinking. Architects do this by breaking the problem into important details and finding the solution to each detail. They will try to understand how each detail is connected with each other to solve the problem.

In design thinking, architects look onto the needs and comfort of their clients. Design thinking is composed of two parts. The first one is examining the client’s environment to understand and empathize with them. The other is visualizing and evaluating the solutions to the client’s needs.

In architectural thinking, architects also look at the capabilities of their project to deliver solutions for their client’s needs.

In summary, design thinking focuses on the user’s context and needs while architectural thinking focuses on the interconnection of all the parts with each other.